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Successive is a firm delivering first class consulting solutions and recruiting services. Helping you grow from backward looking to proactive steering of your organization. Integrating Finance, Operations and ICT. Translating strategic plans into actionable projects, ensuring required change is met. Growth is achieved.
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With our Finance Consulting we work with you to help develop your finance department, simplify processes and optimize systems and reporting. All to ensure a lean finance process.



ICT is impacting your operations more significantly than ever before. Ensuring continued optimized ICT operations is essential in current business. We will work with you to optimize, simplify and get to controlled ICT operations.



Linking operational KPI's to your companies value drivers will ensure your whole company is working to the shared goal. We will work with you in clarifying the value drivers, incorporating these in your (reporting) systems, forecasting processes and management meeting. Ensuring the real (operational) drivers are being discussed pro-actively.


Occasionally, you don't want consulting, but you want a best in class of the shelf solution for driver based forecasting and reporting. Integrating resource, sales and financial planning. We have off the shelf solutions available for various business lines, from Utilities to Healthcare.



Detailled analysis

Workflow support

Recruiting Services

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Temporary or permantly filling a gap in your department or project can be a hassle. With our extended network of professionals and our recruitement experience, we will be able to accommodate all your needs.

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